World’s 10 Most Thrilling Theme Parks

World’s 10 Most Thrilling Theme Parks

Amusement parks are not just for kids. Modern theme parks offer shows, attractions, thrill rides and interactive experiences to please visitors of all ages. The ten parks below offer the most thrilling rides and attractions available in the world, so a visit to any one of them is sure to please the thrill seeker in every group.

1. Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

Located in historic Williamsburg, Va., this theme park has some of the highest-rated thrill rides in the world. The park’s famous roller coasters include Apollo’s Chariot, Alpengeist, Griffon, the Loch Ness Monster and Verbolten. The park also has thrilling water rides, rides for kids, other rides, shows, tours, animal exhibits and more. Divided into nine areas representing European countries, the park has also won awards for its atmosphere and the quality of its food.

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