World’s 10 Most Expensive Buildings

World’s 10 Most Expensive Buildings

As a species, humans tend to be quite competitive. There are competitions for just about any activity you can think of. Our competitive nature influences the way we approach many varied activities, and architecture is no exception. Although a skyscraper’s height is perhaps the most competitive aspect in the construction industry, expense should not be overlooked. The following is a list of the world’s 10 most expensive buildings (costs are adjusted for inflation).

10. Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Bellagio rose from the ashes of what was once The Dunes Hotel and Casino. Taking its name and theme from the Italian town of Bellagio, the 33-floor structure has 935 rooms. It’s well known for The Fountains of Bellagio, which delight visitors with dancing water that’s set to music. The Bellagio cost $2.29 billion when it was completed in 1998.

Bellagio Las Vegas
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