Top 10 Countries to Buy Vacation Property

Top 10 Countries to Buy Vacation Property

With the entire world to choose from, buying a vacation property can be an intimidating prospect. Let’s take a look at some of today’s best options for your home-away-from-home.

1. Argentina

With beautiful landscapes, a fast-growing wine region, and famously great food, Argentina is a great place to spend a vacation. You’ll have your choice between spending your time in the mountains and jungles or enjoying the nightlife in major cities such as Buenos Aires and Mendoza. As a bonus, the Argentinian economy is growing like mad, so your vacation property just might double as an investment property.


2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the ‘greenest country in the world,’ not just because of its scenery but also because it’s way ahead of the game in terms of sustainable technology and environmental practices, so have no worries about your pristine vacation home getting polluted in twenty years. In addition to the stunning green scenery and beautiful beaches, it has a very low cost of living, so your vacation money will stretch farther than ever.

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