The Scariest U.S. Ghost Tours

The Scariest U.S. Ghost Tours

Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially if it involves legend and lore. As a rule, the creepier, the better. Ghost stories take on a whole other meaning when you move them away from the conversational setting and immerse yourself in the experience. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, here are some of the scariest ghost tours and haunted walks in the U.S. that will leave you spooked (and highly entertained).

Salem, MA

There are loads of ghost tours available in Salem, MA- and it’s no wonder; this town is absolutely rife with unsettled souls. The scene of the infamous witch trials that unfolded during the 1690s and saw numerous people tried and executed for witchcraft. While many modern day historians would classify this snowball effect from mass hysteria, those with more paranormal leanings insist that these violent events have lured these restless spirits to remain. Some famous sites visited by organized haunted walks: the Witch Dungeon and Old Salem Jail and Old Burying Point Cemetery- the burial spot for Witch Trials Judge Hathorne, who sentenced many young girls to die for their alleged involvement with witchcraft.

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