The Best “Little Italy’s” in North America


2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A place of Italian history and pride, the Little Italy of Philadelphia is an area of great hospitality and quality. This Little Italy is characterized by the outside “Italian market”, which claims to be the largest and oldest market in America! This is no ordinary market, there is a great deal of organization, love, and talent going on behind the scenes to ensure a great experience for all. Explore and enjoy the charming smorgasbord of fresh meats, cheeses, veggies and spices that will tantalize your palatte and inspire your inner chef. This neighborhood is lined with charming shops,  specialty food stores, fine dining, and bars all showcasing that Italian influence. If possible, check out the Annual Italian Festival and the Procession of the Saints!

1. San Diego. California

In the “hip and historic” neighborhood of San Diego’s Little Italy, you will find a tonne of restaurants, pubs, cafes and events that are rich with authentic Italian flavors. Enjoy the certified farmer’s market full of fresh and delicious Italian favorites such as cheese, panini, sauces, meats and much more! Or, take a seat at one of the unique espresso bars in the heart of the Little Italy of San Diego. Among the most unique features of this “Little Italy” is the depth of community involvement and events it has inspired. Its unique district management corporation deals with a wide variety of community interests and ensuring high standards in every corner, it’s no wonder why this little Italy has become a favored area of play for adults and kids alike!

Little Italy San Diego

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