The Best “Little Italy’s” in North America

The Best “Little Italy’s” in North America

Italy is the source of some of the finest delights our senses can enjoy: espresso, pizza, pasta, gelato, wine and much more! For this reason, there are many “Little Italys” outside the motherland that bring together what we love about one of the star models of European quality. Who doesn’t love phenomenal coffee, incredible food and wonderful company?!  There are many places right here in North America that have done an excellent job of bringing our favorite features of the sought out and adored Italian way into many of our cities. From the nonna-style homemade pizza and tiramisu, to the showcasing of authentic imported products, these mini Italian communities offer an amazing array of Italian culture and cuisine for anyone to enjoy! Each city brings these communities to life in a different style, but, let’s be honest, some do it better than others. Here are the top 10 “Little Italy’s” in North America:

10. Montreal, Quebec

French meets Italian in the wonderful Little Italy of Montreal. Imagine: the highest standards of cheese and breads, European-style architecture and atmosphere, with quality espresso, wine and dining all fused into one great area! Enjoy the best pizza in Montreal at Boulangerie Marguerita and peruse the Church of the Madonna della Difesa – a large gorgeous piece of architecture that was built in 1919 and features the rare fresco of Pius IX and Mussolini next to one another. This wonderful fusion of deep-rooted culture and quality creates an enticing atmosphere that is quiet and calm during the day, and illuminated at night with vibrant streets of bright lights and high-spirits! It’s no wonder that Montreal’s little Italy continues to lure in those looking for a taste of Italia!

Church of the Madonna della Difesa
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