The Absolute Best Cities for Street Food in America



While DC politicians, staffers and power brokers like to be seen at the exclusive fine dining establishments around town, more than one knows when it comes to just plain good food there are some great choices among the cities food vendors. Food carts and trucks dot the city where once sat a hot dog cart now you might find Korean BBQ or Mexican food. You might want to try The Crab Cab serving up crab cake sandwiches, BBQ smoked salmon salad and crab bisque. How about Peruvian Brothers? Brothers Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone, don’t let the names fool you, were born and raised off the coast of Lima Peru. Thanks to the two brothers you can now have such tasty treats as their sandwiches, empanadas or quinoa salad, featuring peppers, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. From Vietnamese Pho served up in a zombie apocalypse truck by Pho Junkies food truck to the Reggae Vibes food truck serving up Caribbean Curry dishes, fried plantains and jerk platters, Washington DC has a thriving street food scene.

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