The Absolute Best Cities for Street Food in America

The Absolute Best Cities for Street Food in America

When people travel throughout the world one of the things they always comment on is the street food. Many cities have a vibrant street food scene like Bangkok where food from all over Asia can be found being sold at all times of the day and night. Anyone who has been to Cancun or Playa del Carmen can tell you about the women selling cups of chilled sliced fruit near the beaches. In a lot of countries people may eat breakfast lunch and dinner at a street food stall. Although having been around for a while, food trucks have become more and more popular and some cities in the US have started setting aside areas for food vendors. We have listed some of the cities that offer great street food.

6. Portland Oregon

Portland is known for inspiring creativity and having craft businesses. When it comes to the food scene that’s no different. Portland has over 500 food carts selling everything from burgers to Indian, Thai, Korean, German, Czech food and more. A lot of the street food carts in Portland are grouped together in “pods” where there will be anywhere from 3 or 4 food carts to over 50 at one location. Along with mobile food trucks these food pods make Portland one of the best places in the US for street food. For some truly memorable street food in Portland head to Viking Soul Food for Lefse, a Norwegian flat bread and some smoked salmon. There is a wide variety of cuisine to suit anyones taste. From the Thai dish Khao Man Gai served at Nong’s and the $12.50 Gutbomb served by Big-Ass Sandwiches to the Big Egg which is all about breakfast, serving breakfast sandwiches featuring ingredients locally sourced . Portland has definitely earned a spot as a top city for street food.

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