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The 8 Best Holiday Window Displays in the World

The unveiling of window displays for the Christmas season is felt all over the world, though most notably in New York City as thousands of people turn out each year to experience this magical time of year. From interactive displays with animated figures to seven million crystals which were hand set to teams of ice sculptors there seems to be no bounds as to what can be done inside these windows. Huge teams spend months and thousands of hours creating these magical works of arts so without further delay, here are the 8 best holiday window displays in the world to check out in 2015:

8. Barneys, New York

The theme in 2015 for Barneys is “Chillin’ Out” and they have worked hard to bring the ice from outside, inside. Two of the giant windows have been transformed into giant walk in freezers that feature more than 2000 individual icicles. These icicles receive a steady stream of mist which allows them to morph and grow, and choreographed lighting along with music makes this a unique frozen experience. Another window features Penny, the very chill penguin who inspired creators to re-imagine the classic childhood “Penguin Chase” toy that sends chilly birds around a track. Recreated into a full size racecourse, watch as these crystal-encrusted birds sail through an icy mountain-scape. Throughout the holiday season a team of ice sculptors can also be seen transforming blocks of crystal clear ice into holiday themed works of art.

7. Selfridges, London

It was the first store in the world to unveil its festive window display, featuring over 12 windows dedicated to the 12 zodiac signs. Influenced by a ‘Journey to the Stars’, planning these windows took well over a year and staff responsible for these windows actually took courses in astrology in order to get these right. Each window takes a very modern take on the zodiac with a mannequin representing each sign, complete with a bespoke headdress from various designers. For example, Pisces sees three mermaids dubbed as the ladies of the lake, each wearing a handmade tail made of 1,000 laser cut scales and 1,500 crystals. Interestingly enough, there are no signs of Christmas trees or Santa Claus and unlike other competitors, these windows do not feature a single product. The result, an ultra-modern take on Christmas featuring a unique twist on the holiday season.

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