The 6 Craziest Christmas Displays Around the World Photo by: Christmas In Jamaica Estates

The 6 Craziest Christmas Displays Around the World

‘Tis that time of the year again when home and business owners go completely over the top with Christmas lights and displays. With the passing of each year it seems there is an unspoken competition with oneself to top last years displays and visitors are constantly delighted with new innovative and interactive Christmas displays. All over the world this tradition takes place, although most notably in the United States where some entire towns transform their houses, buildings and streets. From inflatable characters to dressed up dolls to millions of lights and robots, here are six absolutely crazy over-the-top Christmas displays around the world:

6. Garabedian Family Christmas House -Pelham Gardens, New York

It is known to many as “The Christmas House” and once pulling up to this house, you will understand why. It is one of the craziest Christmas displays in all of America. There is a traditional nativity scene of course but along with that comes nearly 200 animated figures, all dressed up in old-school Hollywood-style gowns. These figures dance to upbeat holiday music all night long. Think Disney princesses, occulted angels, and dolls dolls and more dolls. The Garabedian family is in the fashion business throughout the year but it is the holiday season when they really get to work, having to assemble and take down the dolls each and every single night (weather depending). Although other houses in the neighborhood are decorated, this is a must to anyone looking for a unique, crazy Christmas display.

5. Richmond, Virginia

The city’s mayor has deemed Richmond as the “tacky lights capital of the world”, whether that makes this city more attractive to future residents or not, they have some of the craziest Christmas displays in the world. The Tacky Light Tour has been created here, a registry that lists houses with more than 40,000 lights that people can visit. A tacky Light Tour is a trip made by family and friends from one insanely decorated home or business to the next in the city of Richmond and here people go all out, even renting a limousine to ride in. Expect timed musical lights, giant inflatable characters, visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus and more than 70 million lights in total.

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