The 5 Most Breathtaking Castles in Italy


4. Castle Belfort

When you think of the platonic idea of a romantic, crumbling castle, Belfort Castle near Spormaggiore is probably exactly what you imagined. Surrounded by verdant green hills, valleys, and forests, the castle lies in partial ruins today, but it was once an imposing fortress that was built to protect the districts of Andalo and Molveno. The castle’s tall tower and grey, weathered bricks will have visitors harkening back to a time of kings and knights in shining armor. Built way back in 1311 by the Count of Tyrol, Belfort Castle was actually burnt down in a fire in the 1600s before being reconstructed in 1670 by the Count of Saracini. After a long day of exploring the castle grounds, head to the nearby province of Trentino to taste the region’s unique dishes of German influence, including hearty traditional bread dumplings.

Castle Belfort Italy
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