The 14 Coolest Themed Cruise Ideas


3. Clothing Optional Cruise

For the adventurous or for the naturist; there is a cruise where you can bare it all. These cruises are adult only and offer sailings through the Caribbean. There are in fact a few places where you must be clothed including at the ports of call and the main dining room so patrons of this ship should be sure to pack at least a few items; but other than those places it is encouraged that guests remain nude. Theme nights are a big part of nude cruises and can include toga parties, fetish Fridays, wild wild west, James Bond, Mardi Gras and many more; depending when and who you cruise with. These cruises boast some of the world’s friendliest people and measures are taken to ensure that these cruises remain tasteful and private. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to bare it all while sailing through the open waters; here is your chance.

4. Psychic Cruise

Awaken your psychic senses as you cruise through the tropical waters of the South Pacific on this connecting the spirits cruise. This themed cruise has seemingly taken off in Australia and in 2015 numerous big cruise lines were getting on board including Carnival and Celebrity. These cruises feature world renowned psychics who put on amazing live shows, workshops, practice sessions and personal readings for a few lucky guests. All of these take place while the cruise is at sea so cruisers can still enjoy the ports of call. Guests aboard these cruises will have access to all normal amenities aboard the ships but instead of talent shows or comedians they will dive deep into the world of dreams, past lives and energy vibrations. A fairly new concept to the theme cruise world; this is one to keep your eye on to judge its success.

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