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The 14 Coolest Themed Cruise Ideas

The number of themed cruises is increasing in popularity and it can be hard to keep up with the variety of choices that now await sea lovers. If you are tired of the regular cruises that offer endless choices of entertainment, meals and activities; why not try your hand at a specialty cruise. These themed cruises cover everything from chocolate to Star Trek to popular TV shows. Some of them feature award winning TV personalities, popular Disney characters and the hottest electronic music artists in the world. From a motorcycle rally that takes place on-board to a clothing optional cruise; the choice are endless and if you have an interest in something chances are there is a cruise for that. Here are just fourteen of the coolest themed cruise ideas out there right now.

1. High Seas Rally

Bikers Unite; this is one cruise you won’t want to miss out on. The motto of this cruise is “Cause there’s a little pirate in every biker” and boasts the title of being the world’s only motorcycle rally on a cruise ship. The ship is the fabulous Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas; a mega ship that can hold up to 3,000 guests and has enough space, amenities and activities it is more like a floating city rather than a ship. The dress code on this ship is casual, although bikers will have to bring along their leather for a couple of the ‘leather required’ dinners. The entertainment ranges from comedians to treasure chest contests to pirate biker bingo to topless men’s competitions. Heck, they even pay you to get a tattoo of the rally somewhere on your body. Between the vendors that are onboard giving away free stuff to the all you can eat 24/7 buffets to the gorgeous islands you visit; there is no better place to attend a motorcycle rally than on the high seas.

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