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The 14 Best Theme Parks in the World  

Theme parks are known for their thrilling drop towers, exhilarating rollercoasters, exceptional shows and breathtaking attractions. For anyone who loves to visit theme parks, it is good news to know that they are only getting bigger, better and even more exciting. New technology is making roller coasters faster, taller, scarier and smarter. These parks invite you to take a ride on the tallest coaster in the world, see if you are brave enough to ride the rails backwards, and spend the day with the entire family having fun. Prepare yourself for a serious adrenaline rush and discover the best 12 theme parks in the world!

14. Europa Park, Germany

The largest park in Germany and second most popular behind Disneyland Paris lies in Rust, south-western Germany. Europa Park which is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, features a total of 12 rollercoasters plus tons of other thrill rides, water rides, entertainment and shows. Kids will definitely enjoy such attractions as the Panorama Train which takes passengers on a ride around the entire park, or the 4D Magic Cinema. The 17 unique areas of the park represent different European countries offering both fun and education for your young ones while exploring this incredible park.

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