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The 13 Best Sports Stadiums Outside of North America

Even though North America is home to some great sports venues, a number of countries throughout the world have very unique and original designs that home some of their most cherished sports teams. Some are nearly brand new, some are bordering on holy sites to team fans, and some are just plain cool to see, but each stadium provides the spectator with a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Here are some of the best stadiums that given the chance, you should definitely check out on your travels:

13. The [email protected] Bay (Singapore)

Located in Singapore, The [email protected] Bay is the largest floating stage in the world. Made entirely of steel, the platform can sustain a total weight the equivalent of: 9,000 people, 200 tons of stage equipment and three 30-ton military vehicles. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 and hosts a number of events including soccer, concerts and exhibitions. Try to get there soon, though. The [email protected] Bay will see a decrease in use once the new National Stadium is finished construction.

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