The 12 Most Epic Mud Runs Via

The 12 Most Epic Mud Runs

In the past decade more and more people are signing up willingly to crawl through mud pits, climb up rope ladders, jump over fire pits and even get electrocuted, all in the name of having fun and challenging themselves. All over the world mud runs and challenges are taking fitness to a new level and designing obstacle courses that challenge participants both physically and mentally. The twelve mud runs are incredibly fun, challenging and sometimes downright dangerous but they all have one thing in common, once you cross the finish line you are a changed person. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty at these 12 epic mud runs.

12. Civilian Military Combine

It is one of the most intense runs on this list and although many mud runs feature military-style obstacles, this run actually invites ordinary people to join the ranks for a day. This race is a true test of endurance and fitness, designed by coaches from the CrossFit community, members of the U.S armed forces and USA Triathlon race directors.

The run starts off with “The Pit”, a 7-minute as many reps as possible workout designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. After conquering “The Pit”, a 4 + mile military inspired obstacle course awaits you, through the mud. Prepare to run, walk, jump and slide your way through this incredibly difficult obstacle course. When the mud washes off, the wounds heal and the sore muscles recover; there will only be one thought in your mind- that you conquered one of the world’s toughest mud races.

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11. Merrell Down and Dirty

It prides itself on having the best mud, black in color, stick to your skin kind of mud and there is no way to avoid getting dirty during this run. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can participate in one of these two runs, with your choice of distance, either 5km or 10km. One of the benefits for beginners here is that the races are not timed and therefore runners are a little more relaxed than other mud races.

The Down and Dirty takes place in 11 cities across the U.S and both courses feature more than 20 obstacles. Racers can expect challenges such as ladder walls, balance beams, and sandbags to carry. For those extreme mud runners, you can even go barefoot and win special prizes. Racers have to be over 13 years of age and there is plenty of post-race parties to participate in once you have claimed your finisher medal.

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