The 11 Best Places to Get Over a Breakup

Getting over a breakup is never easy. Some people prefer to shut off from the rest of the world, escaping to places unknown where cell service is unreliable, while others look to drink their sorrows away and party all night long. However you want to handle your breakup, one thing is for sure, you should definitely leave town to do so. From the busy streets of New York City to the grid-free life of Canada; here are 10 of the best places to get over a breakup.

11. Las Vegas, Nevada

There are thousands of people, parties and casinos to keep your mind off your current breakup in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will want to make sure to book a hotel without a wedding chapel in sight though and be warned that there are plenty of brides-to-be prancing around this town. If you can get over that though, Vegas is the perfect place to meet new people and lounge by the pool all day. A trip here can be done with your favorite group of friends or alone, either way you will have a blast. Hit up the pool parties all day long where girls in bikinis and men in swim suits are there for you to feast your eyes on. Slide up to the bar at night for a drink and a bite to eat and we promise it won’t be long before someone single sits down next to you.

Las Vegas

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It is a vibrant city with plenty of beautiful people, white sand beaches and some kick-ass parties. Also there are wonderful day trips that will take you out of the city in case you want a little more nature and a little less party. The great thing about Rio is definitely the local culture and head to the beaches during the day and mingle with other travelers and experience the real Rio. At night there are plenty of restaurants and clubs to choose from, and don’t be afraid to eat by yourself. Late night beach parties, dancing into the wee hours of the morning and forgetting all about your ex awaits you in this wonderful city.

9. San Francisco, California

It boasts a 44% single population so traveling here after a breakup means you will fit right in. There are numerous hotels here that cater to single travelers including the trendy Hotel Triton, who allows you to bring along your furry friend, just in case you get lonely. Single travelers here love to book the Zen Den that features a daybed, bamboo plants, a yoga mat and calming wind chimes. Other single travelers will spend hours trekking up and down the streets, hitting up cafes or surfing the waves. The people of San Fran are notoriously friendly and you will have no problem meeting people to join your adventure. Make sure to combine some ultra-touristy experiences with some local fish tacos for the ultimate experience.

8. Lasqueti Island, Canada

If you can’t stand the thought of checking your phone constantly or watching your friends get engaged on Facebook, head to Lasqueti Island in Canada where you can join 400 people in living off the grid. Located just to the right of Vancouver Island, there is actually no electricity here. Instead of wondering what your ex is up to, why not grab a paddle board and explore the ocean. You can stay in an adorable B&B, visit the “free store” where no money is exchanged, converse with the locals at the farmers market and live simply. Instead of falling asleep to the sound of text messages asking if you are okay, fall asleep to the crashing waves and the sound of wildlife around you. You may just love it here so much; you might join the other 400 people who call this island home.

7. Bali, Indonesia

If you want to find yourself after a breakup there is no better place to go than Bali. Full of temples, yoga retreats and a generally calming atmosphere, it is here where you can switch off your phone and rediscover yourself. Bali is also an awesome place to learn how to surf and engaging in this challenging sport is a perfect way to keep your mind off your ex. Meet friendly locals, dine on fresh seafood and discover the person you were really meant to be. As an added bonus, warm waters, bright blue ocean, white sand beaches, lush green vegetation and beautiful tropical flowers await you here.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This beautiful canal city absolutely teams with art and food, and a heck of a lot of brothels, making it one of the best places to get over a breakup. Besides visiting the organic cafes, cycling your way through the streets and visiting the red light district; this city is perfect for singles as there are travelers everywhere. Make sure to ignore the popular canal rides as most of them are full of happy couples who are professing their love for each other. Instead stick to museums and small hidden restaurants, and make sure to ask the locals where the best place to go is.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Maui, Hawaii

It may not be the first place you think of when you think of the best place to get over a breakup but Maui is an awesome idea, really at any time of your life. Getting over a breakup can be hard and stressful and heading somewhere warm, inviting and friendly is the perfect option. Maui offers all of that plus some incredible scenery, awesome hiking trails and the chance to reconnect with nature. Rent a car and travel the island where you will discover hidden waterfalls and beaches, amazing rainforests and friendly locals willing to lend a hand. Dine on fresh seafood and tropical drinks, lie on the black sand beaches and read a book, or head to one of the famous beach parties. Do it alone, do it with friend, either way this island rocks.

Maui, Hawaii Beach

4. Tasmania, Australia

This heart-shaped island is one of the world’s most remote islands and is located 150 miles south of Australia’s mainland. To come here after a breakup you must be strong willed, courageous and a little crazy. But this last stop before the ship to Antarctica offers plenty for singles to do and keep your mind off your ex. Plus there is the much added bonus that there is no way in heck you will ever run into them on this island. You won’t be feeling sorry for yourself as you rappel down gorges and mountain bike through the hills. Chances are you will run into a lot more rugged outdoors travelers than honeymooners who want to make you gag. Treat yourself to one of the luxury resorts here because, well, you deserve it.

Overland Trail Tasmania Australia

3. New York City, New York or Alaska

If you want to find solace in numbers your best bet is to head to one of these two cities. We had to include them both as men and women will want to head to different places. For those looking for single men, Alaska is packed with rugged outdoors men who will gladly take you under their wing as they teach you to fly fish or snuggle up next to you around a fire. New York City on the other hand is the best place to head if you are looking for single ladies, considering it is home to 200,000 more single women than men. That’s a lot of choice. Head to the meatpacking district to try your hand at cozying up to one of these ladies at the bars or beg your way into Boom Boom Room, one of the hottest clubs in the city where there are plenty of party girls looking for an adventure.

women new york city

2. Grand Velas, Riviera Maya

This resort is actually welcoming the newly single guests with a special “Divorce Package”, meant not only for divorcees but for those suffering through a breakup. This special package is loaded with goodies including accommodations at the Zen Presidential Suite, a makeover in the world-class spa and a bottle of champagne or wine at arrival (and they won’t judge if you crack it open immediately). Morning yoga lessons on the beach are designed to balance your mind and spirit and to let go of any negativity. Let’s not forget about the famous “Trash the Memory” ceremony where a piñata is smashed and cocktail lessons are given. A girls or guys night out is included in the price, where a trip to Playa del Carmen for some late night clubbing is arranged, all transportation and costs covered.

1. Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

It is the perfect way to clear your head and move on after a breakup, this secluded complex of 19 villas that is catering to not just honeymooners but singles as well. They offer a special Le Divorce package that includes such things as a snorkeling or fishing excursion, free of any couples, as well as treatments at the beautiful over the water spa. The rooms are private, with direct beach access and you won’t have to worry about watching honeymooners all day with your private chair in the palm trees. As an added bonus, your mobile phone won’t work here so there is no urge to stalk your ex’s Facebook page. Instead enjoy the warm pool, sandy beach, and surprise treats along the way. Guests are asked to fill out a “vice and virtue” form before they arrive and you certainly will feel loved by someone while you are here.