The 10 Most Thrilling Skywalks Around the World

The 10 Most Thrilling Skywalks Around the World

One of the most common fears worldwide is a fear of heights. Known as “acrophobia”, the fear of heights is ranked as the 5th biggest phobia by But, where there are fears, there are those who want to conquer those fears. A lot of risk takers are finding ways to safely stare massive heights in the face using skywalks around the world. For instance, the now famous CN Tower EdgeWalk has done wonders for the site’s tourism, allowing participants to go to the top of the highest structure in North America, where a massive population looks like ants below them. If you come across one of these aerial adventures on your travels, consider it a must do…you may get those shaky legs and your palms might get clammy but it’s sure to be a once in a life-time kind of experience.

10. The Willis Tower – Chicago

Once known as the Sears Tower, The Ledge (a series of glass bays) is part of the structure that was opened in 1974. The Skydeck protrudes out 4.3 feet meaning visitors are able to stand high above (103 floors to be exact) Wacker Drive. Over 1 million tourists grace The Ledge annually, and with Chicago having a magnificent skyline, this makes the ascent of the Willis Tower a special one.

Sears Tower Chicago
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