The 10 Most Extreme Zip Lines in the World!

If you’ve always wanted to take to the skies and fly—be it with a secure zip line and holster—zip lining might be the adrenaline rush you ordered.  Zip liners fly on a metal cable that stretches far off into the deep blue yonder at speeds up to 100-miles-per-hour. Of course, if you’re brave enough to peek, you’ll catch a bird’s eye view of some of the most picturesque scenes—as you soar over rain forests, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, and ancient ruins.

Here are the most extreme zip lines in the world…

1. Arenal Volcano Park, Costa Rica

I can personally attest to the open-air, jaw-dropping experience that zips you over Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano Park. The two-mile rush goes zoom over the rain forest, Arenal Lake, and Arenal Volcano (it’s still active, but it hasn’t erupted since 1984). You might even catch a glimpse of birds and monkeys jumping across trees, and if that’s not thrilling enough for you, you can opt for a nighttime zip line experience.

arenal costa rica

2. Sun City, South Africa

Apparently it’s the longest zip line in the world at 6,500-feet over the stunning grasslands of the South African plains. And not only is it high speed and a gorgeous view, it’s quite the rush hanging from your back, vertically instead of horizontal (as per most) with an extra fin for added speed between your legs!

Kruger National Park, South Africa

3. Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand

This particular adventure is a combination of zip lining, rock climbing, cycling, rafting, and even rappelling if you’re up for more than just the regular zip line. But it’s the scenery that’s truly memorable. You’ll see native wildlife—such as gibbon monkeys, zebra, and elephants, as well as zip over local Thai homesteads. Plus, all proceeds from the ride go towards the rain forest and endangered gibbon that live there.

zip line thailand

4. Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, Puerto Rico

With lengths up to 1,446-meters, the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park zip line will let you experience flight like an eagle—you’ll certainly fly like one as you take in the nature park below—with the harness holding you vertically via the chest and waist.

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

5. Whistler Zip Line, British Columbia

Maybe you’re not so much a fan of the heat. If so, the zip line at Canada’s Whistler, British Columbia, is a winter wonderland! This ride is made up of 5-lines and 1000-feet of sturdy line whisking you over ice-covered pines, frozen creeks, and past the same snow-capped mountains that played host to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

whistler, canada

5. Simatai Zip Line, China

Maybe you want your zip line experience to really wow you! Well, the famous zip line over Simatai, China gives you a spectacular, eagle’s view of Gubeikou Twon of Miyun County and the nearby the Great Wall of China. All you need to do to earn your way is climb to the top…I’m kidding, you can take the chairlift.

Beijing Great wall

6. The Zip Zone, Philippines

Who knew the sleepy, picturesque countryside of Bukidnon, Philippines would be host of 840-meters at knuckle-whitening speeds of up to 100-kilometers-per-hour. That’s right, the Zip Zone is Asia’s longest zip line, and it even boasts dual carrying cables so you can race you buddy to see who finishes first!

Bukidnon, phillipeans

7. Icy Straight Point, Alaska

Alaska’s Icy Straight Point zip line in Hoonah, Alaska claims to be the largest of its kind in the world. At more than 1 mile long and 1,300-feet high—this ride will rocket you over Hoonah’s lush, tree-covered mountains and icy ocean—in just 90-seconds flat!

Hoonah, Alaska

8. Labadee, Haiti

Stretching approximately 2,600-feet over nothing but water, the massive zip line in Labadee, Haiti is nothing but languid. This ride claims the lengthiest stretch over water in the entire world. However, you’ll see more than just blue seas below; if you really focus you might see birds soaring into hidden rock coves, cruise ships, and scenic mountains.

zip lining

9. Skyline Zip Line, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

With an ear-splitting vertical drop of 100-meters, 550-meters of cable, and speeds reaching 140-kilometers-per-hour, it’s no wonder why this stretch of snowy-capped mountains draw adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Not only is it host to Canada’s Olympic Park (which you’ll see), it offers a stunning view and the highest vantage point of the entire city.


10. Flying Fox, Gravity Canyon, New Zealand

They don’t call it Gravity Canyon for nothing. It’s true; many a rider has tossed their cookies, especially when hitting speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour, stomach down, aboard the Flying Fox. However, if you can hold your own, you’ll get a gorgeous vision of the riverbed along Rangitikei Canyon.

flying fox zip line