The 10 Most Exotic and Out of the Way Destinations for Couples


8. Gozo, Malta

One of 21 islands in the Maltese Archipelago, Gozo is a little more relaxed, less crowded and tranquil than the main island. Inhabited at different times throughout history by the Argonese, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, Gozo is inhabited now by less than 30,000 people in the 14 by 7 sq. km island. The only place you are likely to see a lot of people is in the main town square. The city has what once was a fortified citadel sitting atop a summit. Except for an occasional person walking in the street the city seems abandoned at times with the doors and windows of homes being shuttered. Some residents still adhere to the custom of leaving their keys in the door when away from their home. You don’t have to be totally alone however, a variety of pubs, wine bars, clubs and discos are located around the island. Accommodations range from nine hotels and several B&B’s and apartment rentals or you can opt to stay in one of the many farmhouses that rent out to guests. There are several beaches and inlets located around the island and visitors can enjoy some of the best diving that Malta has to offer.

Gozo, Malta

7. Petit, St Vincent

For those looking to get away and soak up the sun on a Caribbean island the Petit Resort on St Vincent is the perfect couple’s hideaway. With 115 acres of lush tropical island and white sandy beaches at your disposal the resort was uninhabited until 1966 when a couple of adventurers purchased the island with thoughts of constructing a small hotel. Today the island has 16 one bedroom cottages placed discreetly around the island. Also available is a 1,500 sq. foot, two bedroom beach villa. Large floor to ceiling glass doors open to the ocean and a large open pavilion appointed with comfortable chairs awaits. Instead of phones the island uses a flagpole, where you can raise the red flag in order to summon the staff for room service or anything else that you might need. A team of chefs are on hand to serve you in the main pavilion restaurant, the beach bar and restaurant or the weekly BBQ.

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