The 10 Most Exotic and Out of the Way Destinations for Couples

You have traveled to Cancun and done the party scene, spent the night in a lodge in the mountains and now you are looking to just get away from it all. You have been searching for some place out of the way just the two of you can visit with little or no crowds to relax. Whether it is a quiet European village or maybe a secluded beach, the places we have listed will ensure you have a quiet retreat in a lesser-traveled location, free from the booze filled parties and the crowds of tourists.

10. Burgh Island

Located about 300 yards off the mainland of the town of Bigbury on the Sea in the south western coast of Devon, UK, lies Burgh Island. The island is dominated by the art deco Burgh Island Hotel and is reachable in low tide by walking across the sand flats. During high tide the sea tractor transports guests to and from the mainland. Burgh Island was originally used as a weekend getaway for parties. In 1929 a hotel was built and during WW2 wounded RAF pilots were housed there. The 25 rooms in the hotel are individually decorated and offer WiFi but no TV. Hotel rooms have names reflecting some of the famous guests that have stayed there throughout the years. Noel Coward, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Price Edward and Wallis Simpson have all been guests, just to name a few. Visitors can book a massage, enjoy a game of table tennis, relax in the sauna or just sit in front of the fire and watch the tides roll in.

Burgh Island

9. Frégate Island, Seychelles

Frégate is a private island paradise off the coast of the Seychelles. With seven beaches overlooking the crystal clear blue waters, a private harbor a full service spa and fitness center, you can definitely get away from everything but do it in style. Once a plantation, Frégate Island visitors can explore the 10 km of roads and walking paths either on foot or with the use of an electric cart. The island grows over 50 types of fruits and vegetables that the chef uses to deliver world class cuisine. What is not used by the resort is sought after eagerly by other resorts nearby. Accommodations include 16 private pool residences, the Banyan Hill Estate complete with private chef or for the most discriminating the entire island can be booked complete with a full time live in staff to cater to your every need.

8. Gozo, Malta

One of 21 islands in the Maltese Archipelago, Gozo is a little more relaxed, less crowded and tranquil than the main island. Inhabited at different times throughout history by the Argonese, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, Gozo is inhabited now by less than 30,000 people in the 14 by 7 sq. km island. The only place you are likely to see a lot of people is in the main town square. The city has what once was a fortified citadel sitting atop a summit. Except for an occasional person walking in the street the city seems abandoned at times with the doors and windows of homes being shuttered. Some residents still adhere to the custom of leaving their keys in the door when away from their home. You don’t have to be totally alone however, a variety of pubs, wine bars, clubs and discos are located around the island. Accommodations range from nine hotels and several B&B’s and apartment rentals or you can opt to stay in one of the many farmhouses that rent out to guests. There are several beaches and inlets located around the island and visitors can enjoy some of the best diving that Malta has to offer.

Gozo, Malta

7. Petit, St Vincent

For those looking to get away and soak up the sun on a Caribbean island the Petit Resort on St Vincent is the perfect couple’s hideaway. With 115 acres of lush tropical island and white sandy beaches at your disposal the resort was uninhabited until 1966 when a couple of adventurers purchased the island with thoughts of constructing a small hotel. Today the island has 16 one bedroom cottages placed discreetly around the island. Also available is a 1,500 sq. foot, two bedroom beach villa. Large floor to ceiling glass doors open to the ocean and a large open pavilion appointed with comfortable chairs awaits. Instead of phones the island uses a flagpole, where you can raise the red flag in order to summon the staff for room service or anything else that you might need. A team of chefs are on hand to serve you in the main pavilion restaurant, the beach bar and restaurant or the weekly BBQ.

6. Sicily

The largest of the Italian Islands, Sicily seems a world apart from the rest of the country. That might be because the island exudes a strong sense of regional identity. From the fashionable resort town of Taormina with its resorts and beaches to the bustling regional capital of Palermo and the wine country in the northwestern part of the island, Sicily holds treasures everywhere. The island is home to many ancient ruins including Greek and Roman amphitheaters. The Grotta del Gelo is an ice cave and home to the only perpetual glacier in this latitude. Syracuse on the southeastern part of the island is an archaeological treasure and you can spend a couple of days just visiting the sights it has to offer. Couples can spend days exploring the island, visiting ancient Greek temples, enjoying the fine Sicilian cuisine and local wines, relaxing on a beach, or enjoying one of the many festivals throughout the year.

Syracuse sicily

5. French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection of 118 islands in the Pacific Ocean with the largest island, and best known, being Tahiti. Although Tahiti gets a lot of recognition for being a must see destination, and rightly so, other islands also offer a great escape. Bora Bora is as well known as Tahiti and considered the Jewel of the South Seas. A favorite honeymoon destination and famous for their over-water bungalows, Bora Bora offers visitors a place to escape the crowds and relax in style. Taha’a, known as the vanilla island, has many tiny villages and family owned pearl farms along with beautiful resorts and great dining. The majority of the islands vanilla crop is grown on Taha’a and a day visiting an aromatic vanilla plantation should be high on your list. Rurutu Island is a favorite of divers and whale watchers. Unknown by outsiders until 1769 when Cpt. Cook landed, archaeological excavations suggest the island has been inhabited sine 900 A.D. The village of Moerai is the island hub and does have a hotel.

bungalows bora bora

4. Kotor, Montenegro

Located in the tiny nation of Montenegro, Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and cultural center. The mountains that surround the bay protect the city from harsh climates resulting in warm dry summers and mild humid winters. The ancient walled city awaits and the city is filled with boutique shops. Accommodations range from apartment rentals to high end hotels. July and August are the high season and yachts of the super rich dock in port. Don’t worry, extremely nice rooms in hotels can still be had for less than $100 per night. Spend the day strolling through the old town or picking up some figs, cherries and olives at the daily market, then when night falls head to one of the hotel bars for an intimate drink or dance the night away in one of the clubs.

Kotor, Montenegro

3. Lakshadweep Islands, India

Located 400 km off the coast of India in the Arabian Ocean, Lakshadweep is India’s only coral atolls. In order to visit you need a special permit issued by the Indian government and the only way foreigners can gain entry is to book accommodations in advance of arriving. The best way to get a permit is to go through a registered tourism office and they can make the proper arrangements. If you can get permission you will be greeted with excellent diving, snorkeling and swimming. Although a popular destination among Indian nationals not too many foreigners visit and those that do usually arrive on the cruise boats and spend only a few hours on shore. There are a few full service resorts that will cater to your needs and give you a memorable getaway.

2. Con Dao Island, Vietnam

In recent years Vietnam has become a popular place for those looking to explore an exotic location. While the big cities like Ho Chi Minh have a lot to offer, sometimes you just want to be away from the crowds. Enter Con Dao Island. Actually a group of 16 islands, the largest being Con Son, off the coast of Vietnam, Con Dao is a place that was mostly forgotten by the country until recently. For over 100 years the island housed a prison system first run by the colonial French and stayed open until the Fall of Saigon in 1975. Because the island has been off the tourist radar the beaches have remained unspoiled and the natural beauty of the islands tropical jungles and coastal reefs are some of the best in the country. There are 5 hotels on the main island to choose from and at least for now you might be one of the few tourists on the island.

Con Dao Island, Vietnam

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. With an area of a little over 2,000 sq. km the island is a diverse mix of cultural influences. Resorts sitting on white sandy beaches dot the island as well as small hotels and luxury beach villas. Spend the day shopping in Grand Bay or visit the town of Triolet which has the islands largest Hindu Temple. For some of the best watersports hit the beaches on the north side of the island. The island has several festivals throughout the year from the Tamil Fire Walking festival held between December and February each year to the Chinese Spring festival. One of the more popular pastimes for visitors is to take a horseback ride on the beach and swim in the waters with the horses.