The 10 Most Exotic and Out of the Way Destinations for Couples Photo by: All Events

The 10 Most Exotic and Out of the Way Destinations for Couples

You have traveled to Cancun and done the party scene, spent the night in a lodge in the mountains and now you are looking to just get away from it all. You have been searching for some place out of the way just the two of you can visit with little or no crowds to relax. Whether it is a quiet European village or maybe a secluded beach, the places we have listed will ensure you have a quiet retreat in a lesser-traveled location, free from the booze filled parties and the crowds of tourists.

10. Burgh Island

Located about 300 yards off the mainland of the town of Bigbury on the Sea in the south western coast of Devon, UK, lies Burgh Island. The island is dominated by the art deco Burgh Island Hotel and is reachable in low tide by walking across the sand flats. During high tide the sea tractor transports guests to and from the mainland. Burgh Island was originally used as a weekend getaway for parties. In 1929 a hotel was built and during WW2 wounded RAF pilots were housed there. The 25 rooms in the hotel are individually decorated and offer WiFi but no TV. Hotel rooms have names reflecting some of the famous guests that have stayed there throughout the years. Noel Coward, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Price Edward and Wallis Simpson have all been guests, just to name a few. Visitors can book a massage, enjoy a game of table tennis, relax in the sauna or just sit in front of the fire and watch the tides roll in.

Burgh Island
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