The 10 Best Day Hikes in America

The 10 Best Day Hikes in America

Whatever your experience or location, in America there are so many hikes that you’ll always be faced with a tough choice as to which one you want to tackle.  From swamps in the south to canyons in the west, via the spectacular southern monoliths, giving a definitive list of the best hikes in the country is, quite possibly, an impossible task.  Here’s a few that, given the chance, you definitely should not miss.

1. Letchworth State Park, New York

The park is known  as ‘The Grand Canyon on the East’, and for good reason, as the Genesee River snakes and tumbles its way down the gorge it has cut through the beautiful surrounding forest.  An excellent day hike for all experience levels will take you about 11 km through the canyon past the lower, middle and upper falls, with plenty of places to stop along the way to take in the views, picnic and learn about the history of the Genesee valley area.  If you don’t want to stop at hiking, other activities are readily available, including white water rafting, and snow tubing in the winter.  The park has many campgrounds for overnight visitors.

Letchworth State Park
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