Show Me the Money! 10 Best Casinos In The World

Show Me the Money! 10 Best Casinos In The World

For someone seeking the thrill and spectacle of the classic casino experience, there is a wide range of casinos to choose from. The following ten casinos are arguably the best casinos in the world, due to their size, popularity and overall style and prestige. They are listed from smallest to biggest by number of rooms.

1. Hôtel de Paris and Place du Casino, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

This casino-hotel establishment is the quintessential Monte-Carlo destination, with all the grandeur and brilliant style that Monte-Carlo stands for. It was the setting of the James Bond film Casino Royale, and this hotel-casino’s 187 rooms certainly live up to such a distinguished reputation.

Hotel De Paris

2. Casino-de-Charlevoix, Pointe-au-Pic, Canada

This casino is located in French Canada, near Quebec City. It is a perfect destination for casino enthusiasts who appreciate the spectacular scenery of the Laurentian Mountains. Though it has only 405 rooms, Casino-de-Charlevoix’s unique castle-themed architecture and 27-hole outdoor golf course make it quite popular with tourists.

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