Oregon’s 10 Best Craft Breweries Photo by: Pelican Brewery

Oregon’s 10 Best Craft Breweries

An unmatched craft brewery scene awaits beer lovers in the state of Oregon. With more money poured into craft beer than any other state and with more craft brewers per capita than anywhere else in the world, Oregon invites you to tap into the world of exceptional beer. The snow-capped mountains allow for the water to run pure and clear, the climate gives way to an abundance of hops being grown locally and brewers and beer lovers have embraced the liberal craft brewing laws that exist in this beautiful state. From a brewpub that has a special kids zone to a brewery that started out as a one man operation in a garage, the stories of how these craft breweries came to be are almost as impressive as the beer itself. From breweries that were the pioneers of craft beer to unique, small operations that produce brews you won’t find elsewhere; there is no better place to discover beer than in Oregon.

10. The Commons Brewery, Portland

Taking home second place in “brewery of the year” category from the Oregon Beer Awards was The Commons Brewery; a small craft brewery located in Southeast Portland. What was once a pipe dream for Mike Wright while he was producing beer in his garage via a one barrel nano-system grew into a reality in 2011 when The Commons Brewery was established. When we say small we mean small as this team is only made up of three guys, a small space and excellent beer. With a tasting room in the heart of the brewery visitors are often treated to conversations with the brewers themselves and one can really hear and feel the beer actually being made. The Urban Farmhouse Ale is perhaps the most popular brew winning four awards over two years. The small batch experimental beers range from bourbon barrel strong dark ales to sour farmhouse ales and can be found on draft and in occasional bottles. Rumor has it this brewery plans to be expanding their space and operations and beer lovers should keep their eyes peeled to see what’s in store for them next.

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