15 Most Dangerous Animals of the World and Where to Find Them

15 Most Dangerous Animals of the World and Where to Find Them

It is unusual for wild animals to attack humans, but there have been enough hair-raising incidents over the years to make many people afraid of many animals. Whether they are dangerous because they attack humans, can shoot poison into your body, attack you by accident or will simply eat anything that moves; these 15 animals are downright dangerous. We have taken a closer look at them, how they can kill and where to find them. Adventure seekers will search them out, others will avoid them at all costs, either way; here are the most dangerous animals in the world and where to find them.

15. Great White Shark

The infamous great white shark is perhaps one of the most feared animals around the world. Whether it is due in part to the popular “Jaws” movie that surfaced a number of years ago or whether humans simply don’t understand these creatures, one thing remains the same. People across the planet fear them. What makes these incredible animals so dangerous is there lack of ability to distinguish between the edible and non-edible.

Great white sharks prefer the sampling method, the one where they take a gigantic bite out of something to decide if they want to eat it or not. Humans aren’t actually that delicious for them and once they bit into your bony body, they will often leave you to bleed out in the water. These guys can be found in coastal waters anywhere the water temperature is between 12-24 degrees Celsius and are mainly found in California, South Africa, Japan, and Chile, amongst other places.

14. Leopard

Leopards are not only dangerous, sleek and scary but they are brave and tough. Unlike most animals that run away and hide when they are wounded, leopards actually become tougher and therefore more dangerous. They are fast, vicious and have been known to attack humans for nothing more than a midnight snake.

Although they may not look like it, leopards are extremely strong, as proven by the videos out there that show these incredible creatures dragging their prey into the trees. That’s another thing about these guys, they like to hide their prey, therefore don’t count on anyone finding you if you happen to be attacked by a leopard. They are found through most of Africa and Asia and live in a variety of landscapes.

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