LA’s Best Nightclubs and Celebrity Hangouts

LA’s Best Nightclubs and Celebrity Hangouts

Lights, camera, action! The stars shine bright in the City of Angels. Unfortunately, most of us head to LA expecting to be tripping over celebs but they’re often harder to find than needles in haystacks. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best LA nightclubs and celebrity hangouts to help you feel like an A-lister yourself. Celebrities are spotted frequently at these watering holes, which means no matter what vibe you’re looking for, you can still find some familiar faces who want to share the same atmosphere. Hit up any of these joints and you’re guaranteed a fabulous night on the town that might just turn into a star-studded affair.

7. Supperclub

Like the name implies, Supperclub is both a restaurant and a nightclub. The restaurant is only open on Saturdays but features a multi-course culinary spectacle, which includes humanely raised proteins and fresh veggies from a local garden. The nightclub, of course, is the main attraction (though you can still grab a meal), and the venue prides itself on being unpredictable: their tagline is “anything can happen.” Notable appearances include Christina Milian, rapper T.I., Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan. Oh, and they’ve hosted LA Fashion week.

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