Cincinnati For Families

Cincinnati For Families

“The Queen City” is rich in architecture and culture with a history spanning over 200 years. With its beautiful buildings as a focal point, Cincinnati is as astonishing to look at as it is to be in. Close proximity to Kentucky only increases the pull factors, adding to the lush scenery this Ohio city already possesses. Ripe with festivals, events and monuments ‘Cincy’ is an idealistic place for a family of any creed to visit. Add in sporting events, cuisine, and open areas and Cincinnati quickly makes its case for one of the most under-appreciated cities in The United States. Appreciation is growing however, as The City of 7 Hills continues to attract tourists with exciting events and ever-growing cultural staples.

9. Krohn Observatory

A trip to the observatory is one the entire family will definitely enjoy. Divided into areas such as desert, woodland and tropical, the observatory hosts rotating exhibits including a butterfly exhibit that allows children and visitors alike to interact to with thousands of butterflies as they are free to fly around the showroom and even land on visitors themselves. A famous rainforest waterfall and exotic plants are on permanent display, as part of 3, 500 plant species showcased from around the world. Admission charges are only $4 for adults and $2 for children making this a great value activity.

Krohn Observatory
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