Common Mistakes You’re Likely To Make While Traveling With Your Pet


2. Not Double Checking If Your Accommodations Are Pet-Friendly

Nothing can ruin your trip like arriving at your destination only to realize that your pet is not allowed. There are restrictions in place in various countries that permit or bar entry to cats and dogs (which are the most common pet travelers), but also around more “exotic pets” like birds and reptiles. It’s important to find out the pet policy at every accommodation you’ll be staying at because they vary quite a bit, even within one city.

Some places are completely pet-friendly, some don’t allow animals unless they’re service dogs, and some have rules regarding what types and sizes of pets they allow. But almost all accommodations that allow pets will charge a nightly or flat fee or a large damage deposit. Just because a hotel advertises that they’re pet-friendly doesn’t mean they aren’t going to charge you a pretty penny for it!

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