Common Mistakes You’re Likely To Make While Traveling With Your Pet

Common Mistakes You’re Likely To Make While Traveling With Your Pet

For many, pets are an important part of the family – so it only makes sense that you want them to join you on your family vacation. While traveling with your dog or cat may sound fun and Insta-worthy, it requires a significant amount of planning and preparation to ensure that it goes smoothly and everyone stays safe and sane. In order to help you and your fluffy friend get travel-ready, we’re preparing you with 15 common mistakes you’re likely to make while traveling with your pet.

1. Failing To Plan From Start to Finish

You should never travel last-minute with your pet. To make it go as smoothly and safely as possible, you need to think the trip through from beginning to end and come to terms with the fact that you might need to make some sacrifices to tailor the trip to your pet’s needs. If you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to do with your pet while you’re out and about, you shouldn’t bring them.

Bringing your furry friend on vacation can be so much fun, but the decision to bring them along shouldn’t be made lightly. You’ll want to consider your budget and weigh the cost of bringing them (for example, extra fees for pet-friendly accommodations or air travel) versus boarding them at a kennel or staying for free with family or friends. You’ll also want to book early enough, as even pet-friendly accommodations often only have a certain number of rooms available for you and your pet.

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