11 Best Family Activity Vacations


9. Dude Ranches

Dude Ranches began springing up in the western part of the US in the late 1880’s when the wealthy wanted to experience the “Wild West”. What started out as hunting expeditions has grown over the years into today’s version of the Dude Ranch. Places today offer things like fine dining and cooking classes, spa services, white water rafting, hiking, nature hikes and of course horse riding, roping and cattle drives. There is even a Dude Ranch Association and trust that preserves the history of Dude Ranching. How about a Montana Cattle drive? The McGinnis Meadows Cattle and Guest Ranch offers cattle drives every June. With all the outdoor activities and accommodation options ranging from basic to luxury there is a Dude Ranch that will fit your family’s interest level and bring great memories.

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8. All Inclusive Getaway

For years places like Cancun and the Caribbean have been famous for the “all inclusive” experience. Today you don’t need to travel quite as far since many places offer all-inclusive packages. Whether it be a place in the mountains such as Sky Top Lodge in the Poconos or Club Med in Florida, the advantage of an all-inclusive for families is the parents don’t have to worry as much about daily budgets and spending. Choose a place where everyone in the family has activities to enjoy. Pick a place in advance and pay one fee that will cover accommodations, food and activities. Some places charge extra fees for their premium activities like jet skis and some cover food and not drinks. Make sure you check to see what activities are not covered and any extra fees that may be involved.

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