11 Best Family Activity Vacations

11 Best Family Activity Vacations

Whether it is a long weekend or a summer vacation taking the family on a trip can be fun and enjoyable for everyone if you plan it right and go to a destination where everyone has something interesting to do and can get involved. If the kids are bored because of nothing to do and no activities to keep them occupied it can make for a very long trip. The same holds true if you are going to a place surrounded by nothing but hordes of children running around. Even the most tolerant and patient parent can hit their breaking point. Either scenario makes for a getaway where you are just glad it’s over. A little planning in advance on what to do or where to go can give the entire family a memorable vacation that you can talk about for years. Here is our list of some of the best places and activities for a family vacation.

11. Camping

Camping is one way to get the kids to leave the electronics and enjoy some outdoor activities. Whether you rent a camper or buy some gear, the whole family can enjoy a respite from the hectic rush that encompasses everyday life. Check out the State Parks where you live and spend some time teaching your kid to fish and enjoy the outdoors. National Parks like Yosemite and White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire offer the opportunity to enjoy nature, leave the cell phone behind and relax a little. Spend some time at night cooking over a campfire and telling stories. Camping can be a great option to getaway and not spend a ton of money.

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10. Take a History Tour

One thing that can be of interest to everyone is learning about a place or visiting a historical site. School age kids can see places they learned about in class and the adults can enjoy visiting places they may have never seen and teaching the kids. Visit locations like Gettysburg National Military Park or Boston where you can see places that shaped the history of the country. Take a trip to Tombstone Arizona where Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday had their famous gunfight with Billy Clanton and gang at the OK Corral. A visit to Williamsburg Virginia is like being transported to colonial times where you see how people lived and get to interact with the period actors. A vacation to a historical place can rev up the kids desire to learn about history and also give the whole family a renewed appreciation for things people had to endure in the past.

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