8 Amazing Rock Climbing Spots in Australia

8 Amazing Rock Climbing Spots in Australia

Majestic mountains, jagged cliffs and vertical granite slabs, the beautiful country of Australia is a climbers dream with amazing climbing locations in just about every state. With such a diverse landscape, adventure seekers will enjoy the challenging routes of some of the country’s most difficult climbs while beginners can build confidence on some of the less intimidating routes. If you’ve ever wanted to climb by the ocean or stand awestruck as you look out over endless mountains, Australia is the place for you and here we feature 8 amazing spots to get you inspired.

8. Wilpena Pound (SA)

North of Adelaide lies the Flinders Ranges National Park, home to Wilpena Pound which is a natural amphitheatre of mountains and arguably the most popular climbing destination in South Australia. Popular climbs include St. Mary’s peak and Moonarie which is a remote 2km long stretch of cliff in the heart of the ranges. While not considered as difficult as Mt. Arapiles (mentioned later on), this one is still for more advanced climbers. Best time to visit: spring and autumn for optimal temperatures.

Wilpena Pound
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