9 Holiday Travel Images That Might Make You Rethink Flying

American Thanksgiving is the real kick-off to the holiday travel season, people naturally want to be with their loved ones during this time but that often requires some travel, and quite often it means air travel. For many, seeing family and friends over the holidays is important, but the things we have to endure to get there can be borderline inhumane. Long lines, delays and cancellations are just the beginning for those who battle the crowds in the name of holiday travel. Here are 9 images that might just having you re-think those holiday travel plans this year:

9. Long Check-in Lines

Checking in for your flight is just the beginning. Even if you choose to check in online you’re usually still forced to wait in some sort of line when you arrive, be it the bag drop or even just waiting for the electronic check in kiosks.

8. Traffic

More people flying also means more people driving to the airport, so traffic can be a nightmare. Don’t think you’re in the clear if you’re choosing to drive to your destination rather than fly either…holiday traffic can be some of the worst of the year.

7. Lost Luggage

The increased amount of flyers during the holiday season means extra stress on airport systems and infrastructure. This essentially translates to a higher probability of your luggage getting lost at some point during its journey. This is especially bad news if you’re bringing gifts in your luggage!

6. Never-ending Security Lines

It’s the question you always wonder when you leave for the airport, “How long will it take me to get through security?” While the answer always varies, during the busy holidays, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to take a while.

5. Crying Babies/Kids

More families flying means more children in the skies… which (depending on the child) can mean more screaming, crying and tantrum throwing. Don’t get us wrong though, we have sympathy for these families because after all tensions run high for everyone during the holidays, even kids.

4. Airplane Germs

Airplanes are notoriously dirty at the best of times, but holiday travel season can also be cold and flu season so being around so many people in a shared space can spread germs faster than you can say “1, 2, 3.” It’s a cold hard fact that after flying, many of us end up getting sick.

3. Deicing the Plane

If you’re traveling to/from a chilly destination you’re familiar with this scene…and the amount of extra time it takes. Deicing the place is one of many extra steps necessary for flying in the winter and it all adds up to more time spent sitting in your seat.

2. Cancelled Flights

With all that wintry weather can come the dreaded cancellations…full flights are cancelled and airline staff scramble to find a way to get the stranded passengers onto other flights (most of which are already full as well.) This can result in unexpected overnights or even being stranded in the airport while you wait to be re-booked.

1. Missed Flights

One of the worst parts about those long airport lines (at seemingly every check point) is that you may sometimes be delayed and miss your flight completely. Play it safe by leaving ample time for checking in and getting through security to avoid this aggravating situation.