8 Tips To Help Plan Your Cruise Excursions


3. Organized Tour

There are certain circumstances in which it is a particularly good idea to book your excursion through an organized tour company- either through a ship sponsored tour or through a reputable travel company. For instance- if you are a first time cruiser, you would likely benefit from the support that an organized tour can provide. There are often excursions crafted to give you a flavour of your destination, which is appropriate to the small window of time that you’re spending in port. If you are travelling in a port where you feel that you might encounter language or safety issues, you may want to take advantage of having strength in numbers as well. If your cruise line specializes in a certain area or activity, you could benefit from their niche knowledge to really enhance your experience.

4. Read the Fine Print

When booking an organized excursion, make sure you read through the tour description thoroughly. How long can you expect to spend on a bus shuttling to and fro? What is the weather policy (rain or shine)? Is the excursion a full day or a half day? How many activities should you expect in the duration of the tour? Is there free time to wander, or is every minute accounted for? Are you the appropriate audience for the tour (i.e. family friendly, romance, ecoadventure, etc.)? Is food and/or drink included with your tour? For all-inclusive tours (i.e. a pass for the day to a hotel or attraction, are there hours of use limitation- especially when it comes to food and drink availability. Most cruise excursions are non-refundable, so make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for.

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