8 Tips To Help Plan Your Cruise Excursions

8 Tips To Help Plan Your Cruise Excursions

A cruise vacation is a lot like dining at a buffet. You get to sample what you like- and you’ve got numerous choices laid out before you- far more than if you’re ordering a la carte. The same traveling principle applies when you’re cruising. You’ve got your time on-board filled with seemingly endless options for dining, entertainment, activities and leisure. But when that ship pulls into port, your options multiply with excursions. While waiting until you dock for inspiration to strike may appeal to your sense of vacation leisure, planning ahead around your excursion time will only maximize the fun factor, namely by helping you choose planned excursions that meet your needs or deciding to tour on your own.

1. Know What’s Out There

While you are no doubt aware of your ship’s itinerary, what do you know about the ports? Where is the port located in the city in relation to some of the attractions that are of interest to you? Is it a safe area to wander? What is the climate like? What currency(ies) is accepted? Your cruise line will offer and/or endorse lots of excursions. They tend to be a little bit pricier than independent touring, but take a lot of the guesswork out of planning your time ashore, by organizing your time, providing your transportation and considering all of the individual details in a given port.

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