8 Favorite New York Pizza Places Photo by: Flickr/ctj71081

8 Favorite New York Pizza Places

Mamma mia! There’s nothing quite like a New York-style pizza, as many in the Big Apple will be sure to tell you. With a rich history of Italian migrants landing on its shores and starting a new life in the city, it’s little wonder that New York is almost as famous for its top-notch Italian cuisine as it is for its yellow cabs and Central Park. Over time, pizza took on a distinctive New York flavor, served up hot-n-fresh in pizza parlors around the city, it has become one of the most iconic street foods of the city. Not all slices are created equal, so here are 8 of the best spots to grab a slice (or 2) in NYC:

8. Totonno’s

One of the oldest and most respected pie shops in New York, Totonno’s has been serving up great pizza for generations—since 1924. It’s little surprise, then, that Totonno’s thin-crust, coal-oven pizza is a perennial forerunner in almost every “Top 10” contest. The restaurant is old-school, the service is “sassy” and the business is cash only—so leave your plastic at home. Established by Antonio “Totonno” Pero after the subway made Coney Island an accessible destination for many New Yorkers, the restaurant has survived decades and is known for its long lines as much as its delicious pies. The restaurant has faced a string of challenges as late, with a 2009 fire and damage during Hurricane Sandy, but has remained open through it all. The recipe has remained unchanged since 1924 and the flavor has been described as quintessentially New York City.

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