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8 Best Live Music Spots in Nashville

In a place with the nickname Music City, it only makes sense that some of the best live music spots in the world, especially those appealing to country music fans, would be found right in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Don’t be fooled however, because there are plenty of great hidden hideaways that offer music not just for those who are into the country scene. Whether you’re into pop, rock and even hip-hop, you can find a place somewhere downtown that will have you totally caught up in a live and vibrant atmosphere. If you’re traveling to Nashville and music is the main reason why, then obviously we can’t leave you hanging… EscapeHere is giving you the scoop on the 8 Best Live Music Spots In Nashville. Some of these spots are world-renowned and others are known more to the locals, but thanks to this list, you now know about them too and can enjoy all the best that Music City has to offer.

Exit In

If places like the Station Inn represent the old school in Nashville, Exit In is the new school. Yes they still feature live country music (you’d be hard-pressed to find a venue in all of Nashville that doesn’t feature at least some country music), but they’ve also been known to host comedy shows along with rock and pop bands. The place doesn’t care what you think about its menu as they boast on their website that they do indeed offer the best ‘hot pockets’ in all of Tennessee.

Just by reading into this second paragraph you should know by now that the place is a bit cheekier and edgier than most. Contrary to other venues in the area that host live music 7 days a week, Exit In prides itself on being your place to be during the weekends, which means that if you happen to be stopping by on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, you are bound to see acts from all over the South. If you find bars that only play country music a little bit too restrictive, Exit In is the place to be.

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