8 Alternatives to Staying in a Hotel


7. Secure an Entire Apartment (or a cottage, houseboat, or even a windmill)

Any seasoned traveler knows about Airbnb, and is probably using it to, at a minimum, compare room rates to those of nearby hotels. But there are other options out there as well, including VRBO, which will search across all the HomeAway vacation rentals to find the perfect property, and FlipKey, which partners with TripAdvisor and offers trip planners the option to choose rentals in categories such as “lakefront,” “luxury,” or “kid-friendly.” And for those that want a truly unique experience, intriguing properties abound. It’s possible to stay in a windmill in Santorini, Greece, for example, whil the Netherlands has plenty of houseboats on offer. There’s a water tower for rent in London, or a treehouse in Tuscany. Perhaps the ultimate indulgence, though, is the Downton Abbey-esque Scottish castle, which goes for $1170 per night.

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