8 Alternatives to Staying in a Hotel

8 Alternatives to Staying in a Hotel

One of the excuses people often give for not traveling often is the expense. Fortunately, there’s now a wide range of alternatives to traditional hotel stays, which often ate up a large part of the traveler’s budget. And no, we’re not just talking about dormitory rooms in hostels. Here we’ve found 8 great alternatives to hotels that allow travelers to immerse themselves in other cultures, get their hands dirty, or simply stay in a really, really cool place.

8. Curl Up Right Inside the Airport

Most of us have been there: a flight is delayed, or canceled, or there’s simply no way to get from point A to point B without spending the night waiting inside the airport. But in some cases, voluntarily spending the night in the airport might actually make a lot of sense. Those with early morning flights who want to save cash should take a look at The Guide to Sleeping in Airports to find out whether it’s possible to catch a good night’s sleep in their desired locale. Some airports offer reclining lounges, armrest-free seating, and even sleep pods and dedicated rest zones. Keep an eye on amenities as well: with everything from showers and free WiFi to airport museums, brewery tours and swimming pools, travelers might wonder why they’re bothering to leave the airport at all.

Sleeping in airport

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