7 Things All First Time Cruisers Need to Know

7 Things All First Time Cruisers Need to Know

Cruising offers one of the ‘best bang for your buck’ vacation options: multiple destinations in short order, fabulous scenery, excellent dining and a host of leisure opportunities. But as any experienced cruiser will tell you, there is a certain level of detailed planning involved – from packing to touring to dining that is required to really get the most out of your vacation. If you’re a first time cruiser, skip the learning curve and plan your cruise like you’re a seasoned pro.

1. Choose Your Cabin Wisely

Spend some time weighing your options when you choose your cabin. Think about life without a window for a week or more. Could you do it, or should you splurge for the ocean view? Are you a light sleeper, or bothered by noise? Consider who or what might be above you. Try not to have a cabin beneath a pool or a dining room, where there will be heavy traffic. Being close to the ship atrium or near an elevator will mean high traffic and more noise too.

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2. Choose the Right Itinerary

Does the idea of visiting a new port every day appeal to you, or does this go-go type of vacation make you exhausted thinking about it? Some cruises include several days at sea, whereas others pull in and out of a new port every day. Make sure that you choose an itinerary that matches what you’d like to do during your vacation. Furthermore, make sure that your time in port will give you ample time to do the excursions that you’ve got in mind. Sometimes you might only be in port for a few hours. A word of caution; ships depart port at their scheduled time, whether you are onboard or not. Make sure you’re back in plenty of time. It’s not uncommon for late cruisers to get stranded in port and have to make their own way to the next port to rejoin the ship.

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