7 Quirky Pickle Flavors You Can Find in America Photo by: Zagat

7 Quirky Pickle Flavors You Can Find in America

As the perfect sidekick to any sandwich, the pickle has really made a name for itself. Not only in the U.S., but well beyond. European countries serve them, as do Americanized restaurants across the entire globe. They’re serve as a crunchy, flavorful way to add to a meal. But in recent years, pickles have gone well beyond sidekick fare and upped their game even further, landing themselves a spot as one of our favorite snacks. That’s right, it’s ok to eat a pickle by itself, and it’s delicious. Now adding even more variety to the mix with different flavors – whether that be homemade or bought directly from the store. No matter where you’re located, the United States is home to some incredible pickle techniques. Consider making your next vacation snack-focused and making your way across the globe with these briny treats in mind. It’s worth the extra miles for any true pickle fan.

7. The Classics

Dill and garlic pickles are always among crowd favorites. As are sweet versions (nix the garlic and add sugar), or spicy fare (add red peppers or jalapenos – the more, the spicier they get). Each of which comes in multiple versions on store shelves and in home canners. There’s a reason there are so many of these classics, however; they’re delicious. And as many agree, the crispier, the better. Stock up on these flavors as you travel, with extra attention to test out restaurant recipes for an accurate representation of each region and how they take their pickles. Because what’s a regional trip without testing out the pickles as you go?

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