7 Hidden Airline Fees You Should Be Aware Of

7 Hidden Airline Fees You Should Be Aware Of

In recent years, new regulations were put into place that require airlines to divulge the full price of a plane ticket. Prior to this, airlines and resellers could advertise seemingly low fares without revealing the additional taxes and fees until an eager traveler had gone through the tiresome process and was ready to pay. Now that full prices are on display, many travelers falsely believe the amount advertised is the most they will pay for a flight. This is simply not the case. Most airlines have found new and sneaky ways to get even more money out of each passenger.

1. Luggage Fees

Everyone knows that most airlines charge fees for checked bags. What some passengers don’t realize is that most airlines charge more for each additional bag checked. There are also airlines, like Allegiant, Spirit, and some Frontier flights, that charge extra for carry on luggage as well.

Luggage Fees
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