6 Things You Need To Know About All-Inclusive Resorts


4. Welcome to Seclusion

Most all-inclusive resorts are surrounded by, well, other all-inclusive resorts. Investors have snatched up the expensive beach front properties that no locals were able to afford, invested millions of dollars into building resorts and have surrounded themselves with other huge resorts. You are not going to find any sort of local culture to experience here. You won’t find local shops or restaurants in the area. What you will find is a mega-resort which provides all the restaurants, experiences and shopping you could want, that is if you are not interested in learning about or supporting the local economy. Some resorts even tell guests that it is dangerous to leave the resort, prompting them to stay put and spend more money at the resort. Just so you know, you probably aren’t helping the local economy by going to one of these resorts.

3. There are No Refunds

There are some things you just can’t control in life, and one of those things include the weather, which can be a big factor when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, considering there are so many located in the Caribbean where they see hurricanes from May to October. Unfortunately for guests that have the misfortune of bad weather when they are at the resort, there isn’t much the resort can do for them. Even when a resort includes a “hurricane guarantee”, the fine print states something along the lines that the hurricane force winds must hit the resort building. And even then if that does happen, the costs of fights are not refunded. To avoid this, it is recommended you purchase travel insurance, but consumers must be aware of what they buy and what it will cover.

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