6 Things You Need To Know About All-Inclusive Resorts

6 Things You Need To Know About All-Inclusive Resorts

The all-inclusive resort, where throngs of tourists convene to enjoy all the food, drink and sunshine they can handle. Hours spent laying in the sand on the beach, playing beach volleyball at the pool, dancing the night away at the disco and all for one low price. Sounds pretty tempting doesn’t it. But there are a few things you should know before rushing to book that really cheap all-inclusive resort, including things like when hurricane season is and what is actually included in the price. To help you understand all-inclusive resorts, here are 6 things you should know about them.

6. All-Inclusive Doesn’t Always Include Everything

Back in the day when Club Med first introduced all inclusive, they truly meant that everything was included, but as more resorts and even cruise ships got on board it became less “all” inclusive. Nowadays a lot of resorts charge extra for many amenities including top shelf liquors, airport transfers, motorized water activities and spa treatments. It seems that the more premium the perk, the more likely you will pay extra for it. Things such as off-site excursions can run up a large tab and don’t be surprised when you are asked to pay for things you once assumed were included. The good news, most everywhere includes all food and drinks, accommodations and normal amenities meaning you can still pay one price, as long as you stay within those parameters.


5. The Room Game

You are flipping through the bright colorful travel magazine, or browsing pictures of the rooms on the website of the resort you are about to visit. Guess what, that pretty ocean facing room with the canopy bed and beautiful linens is probably not what you are going to receive when you get to the resort. Standard rooms are often not shown in books or on the websites unless you click many links to reach that one particular picture. Another fact that often gets left out to travelers is if the resort is under construction. This can happen one of two ways, first you have booked and paid for your trip far enough in advance that the resort didn’t know that construction was planned. And let’s be honest they aren’t sending out emails to all future guests letting them know that. Or you booked online and simply didn’t notice the small print that was located somewhere on the website. Either way, it’s always good to check out the online boards, review sites, etc. when booking an all-inclusive.

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