6 Pizza Toppings You Only Find On Vacation


5. Greek Food Pizza

This might not be its technical name, but considering how many Greek foods it actually holds, we’re lumping it into a single title. This concoction, which can be found in Milwaukee, hosts gyro (the g is silent), onion, tomato, and tzatziki, a popular cucumber dip piled on top of Greek dishes. Ian’s Pizza founded this recipe as a way to cater to its more eclectic customer taste buds. You can also order a Chili Frito pie, BBQ ribs, sweet potato and kale, and mac and cheese – yep, there’s a such thing as a macaroni and cheese pizza. Going by popular demand, however, Greek food pizza is the way to go. And considering it combines to types of favorite cuisines, we’re guessing there’s very little that could go wrong, and pretty much everything that could go right.

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