6 Pizza Toppings You Only Find On Vacation


4. Banana Curry

These two toppings might sound like a breakfast food mixed with a dinner spice. Or a dessert ingredient mixed in with a savory flavor addition. But in Sweden, it’s called dinner. Banana Curry pizza is a long-time favorite, and is even known as a “classic” dish among swedes. The dish can be found at virtually every pizza joint in the entire country. And for those who are still having a hard time picturing (or tasting) this version, think of a version of Hawaiian pizza, just with curry on top. Locals say it’s worth trying (a few times), and once savored, you’ll never go back to “plain” versions again.

3. Pastrami

Imagine the best pastrami sandwich you’ve ever had. It’s caked with mustard (the good, tangy kind), pickles, cheese, and the bread is absolutely amazing. Crisp on the outside, yet soft in the middle. Oh and it’s piping hot. Now imagine that instead of a sandwich, you’re eating a piece of pizza. It sounds delicious, right? Well you’re in luck, because this exact pizza exists. And you can sink your teeth into it the next time you visit NYC, the Bronx, to be exact. Think of it as a less calorie-filled pastrami sammmy, and without half of the mess. Pastrami on the go! Just like you’ve always hoped for!

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