6 Pizza Toppings You Only Find On Vacation Photo by: Whats New?

6 Pizza Toppings You Only Find On Vacation

It’s one of America’s favorite foods. It comes straight to your door, can be ordered from thousands of vendors, and can even be kept frozen and waiting – for whenever a pizza mood may strike. It’s a staple that we’ve grown to know and love as a culture. Whether we eat it every week, or choose to admire it from afar. But one of the main factors raising pizza to this highly worthy stature is its versatility. From toppings, to sauces, to flavor and thickness of crust, it can be changed tremendously. Transforming it into a completely different dish, but by only changing a few things. Winning, right? In honor of this incredible dish, we’ve searched high and low in order to find the quirkiest, and most unusual toppings. Ones that can only be found in the midst of your travels. The next time you’re hankering for a slice of pie, consider trying these local versions.

6. Smoked Reindeer Pizza

Yup, that’s right. And it’s far tastier than it sounds. Hailing from Finland, this unique dish is served at Kotipizza. (Consider it the Finland equivalent of America’s Pizza Hut.) Their smoked reindeer pizza is known as Pizza Berlusconi, and hosts (in addition to its crowd-bringing meat), tomato, cheese, red onion, and chanterelle, a yellow mushroom. It might sound strange, but locals agree it’s worth trying…and then trying again. In fact, it’s a best seller among the popular chain. In 2008, they won America’s Plate International pizza contest, which was hosted in New York City. Still not convinced? The restaurant’s motto is “Pizza, Love, & Understanding” – they could really use some American understanding of just how delicious reindeer can be. Those who try it are universally repeat eaters!

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