5 Amazing Outdoor Dining Experiences Photo by: Flames of the Forest

5 Amazing Outdoor Dining Experiences

From ancient outdoor feasts to modern backyard family barbeques, outdoor eating has long been the favoured dining experience of many people. In fact, in warm climates and during summer months, restaurant and bar patios are cluttered with guests looking to escape the indoors and enjoy their meals in the open air. While the popularity of outdoor dining has sparked a number of world-acclaimed al fresco restaurants, it has also sparked unique dining events that offer experiences unlike anything seen in even the most highly-ranked dining establishments. From pop-up events shrouded in secrecy to extensively planned giant outdoor dinner parties, here are 5 of the world’s most amazing outdoor dining experiences.

5. Outstanding in the Field

A tribute to farmers and the gifts of the land, Outstanding in the Field is a mobile feast that travels coast to coast in North America (and has now been abroad also) and sets up long outdoor dinner tables in the fields of participating farms and vineyards.  This enormous culinary banquet was established in 1999, and for 16 years has invited locals to taste and celebrate the food yielded by each particular place, with the menu and décor inspired by the surroundings. The sparkling conversation and unique atmosphere of the event has made it a world-wide sensation, which to date, has set over 600 tables set in 9 countries for over 60,000 guests.

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