15 of the World’s Coolest Playgrounds Photo by: Mark Ahsmann via Wikimedia Commons

15 of the World’s Coolest Playgrounds

It seems that right now is a pretty great time to be a kid, considering the abundance of innovative playgrounds that are popping up around the world. Gone are the typical plastic slides, normal swings and metal monkey bars. Instead we are seeing huge tire structures that you can actually climb, pirate ships that feature hidden nooks and crannies, zip lines, trampolines and slides that require helmets! From Japan to Nashville, Tennessee, to down under in Australia, here are 15 playgrounds that we wish were around when we were a kid.

15. Jungle Gym -Nashville, Tennessee

Not only is this playground located inside the incredible Nashville Zoo, but it features over 66,000 square feet of total fun! This primitive wooden playground looks like something right out of Pirates of the Caribbean and features the infamous snake tunnel, a huge net to climb that connects the bridge and tower and a huge hippo to chill out on. The numerous nooks and crannies throughout provide perfect shady hiding spots for a fun game of hide and seek. Kids love to climb to the top of the 35 foot tall treehouse and slide down one of the super slides. With its accessible swings, soft padded floors and smack dab location in between the African Savannah and the Jungle Loop; Nashville’s Jungle Gym playground is the perfect spot to let the kids run out some of their energy.

14. Clemyjontri Park -McLean, Virginia

At this all-inclusive playground, kids of all abilities are encouraged to play side-by-side. The park is a whopping two acres and is cut into four distinct spaces that surround the center carousel. The park is full of bright colors and swings that are specially designed for children in wheelchairs, Braille throughout and maps and mazes. The ground is soft and squishy, washrooms are on-site as well as vending machines and a water fountain to keep the little ones hydrated. There are tons of slides, ride able characters, swings and jungle gym structures to keep the kids running all day long. Covered picnic areas provide shade and we suggest packing a picnic and spending the whole day here. Trust us, you won’t run out of things to do.

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