15 of the Best Indoor Hotel Pools in the World Photo by: Gary Bembridge via Flickr

15 of the Best Indoor Hotel Pools in the World

Indoor hotel pools often get a bad rap and when people think about a hotel pool they think of harsh chlorine smells and dirty water. Thankfully these kinds of hotel pools are not the only ones out there and all over the world are absolutely awesome indoor hotel pools. Whether you are escaping the cold weather, trying to stay out of the heat or are simply looking for swim in a beautiful pool; look no further than these 15 indoor hotel pools. From Dubai to Tennessee to France, no matter where you are there is a pool for you.

15. Crown Towers Hotel -Taipa Island Macau, China

This breathtaking indoor pool is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls and faces right out into the ocean. It is one of the best indoor infinity pools that give swimmers the feeling of being on the edge of the cliff, but still safely inside. The wide gradual steps lets swimmers enter the water with ease and the large oval ceiling with huge rounded skylight lets plenty of natural light in. Comfortable lounge chairs are arranged on the deck of the pool if you just want to take in the incredible outside view. Enjoy this pool, rain or shine and make sure to head here during sunset where the sky turns an incredible shade of pink and the skyline lights up. You won’t find any kids splashing around up here, just the ultimate relaxation experience.

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