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15 Amazing Modern Buildings of the World

Some travel for action, some for adventure, and some travel for natural beauty, while others appreciate a good piece of architectural art. The world is full of such works, ranging from beautifully detailed buildings whose history dates back before a time we can even imagine, to towering feats of engineering whose summits seem to almost touch the sky. Yes, the world of architectural design is an exciting and visually interesting field and it seems that whatever city or country we choose to travel to, there will inevitably be some sort of architectural landmark. As travelers, we often notice those standout buildings with sleek geometric designs when first visiting a city so in this article we explore 15 visually stunning modern buildings of the world:

1. Markthal -Rotterdam, Netherlands

Also known as ‘Market Hall’ this first installment on our list of amazing modern architecture shows the innovation and progressive nature of the city of Rotterdam Netherlands. The brilliantly decorated Market Hall combines food, leisure, living and parking creating a fully functional living center.

Below the covered arch structure lies a food market with over 100 stalls offering fresh foods daily. Parking is offered in the basement below and the cover of the building offers an indoor market that still has the feel of an outdoor market thanks to the buildings huge glass faces. If you’re a fan of innovative living, you could find yourself living amongst the colorful murals as the building houses 228 apartments all with unique views.

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